Buying Artisan Coffee – Personal Shopper

Welcome to your Personal Coffee Shopper!

NanoRoast’s motto is “Coffee that Fits You.” To make that happen, we carefully describe the various origins, processing methods and taste profile variations you will find at different roast levels. If that hits you as overwhelming, that’s ok. We have a couple of strategies to get you to Coffee Nirvana:

1. “I Feel Lucky” option:  Browse the offerings pages (Full-caf, Lower-Caf and Decaf) until you see something you might like. Throw caution to the wind, and give it a try. You could be pleasantly surprised at how good really high-quality coffee is.

2. Personal Shopper option:  Avail yourself of our custom coffee matching service and bypass all the pages of descriptions (unless you just like reading them.) To use our Personal Coffee Shopper service, try our Coffee Preference tool, or send an email from our Customer Service page telling us what you want your coffee to taste like, what origins you have tried that you liked, roast level, etc. Send us your phone number and a good time to call you. (We promise not to use it to pester you or for any other purpose. Period.) We will call you to ask a few questions and suggest a few coffee options. There is no obligation or pressure to buy anything, but we hope you will give NanoRoast a try.

Ready to start shopping?  Choose one of the pages linked below:

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