NanoRoast Coffee Samplers

NanoRoast Coffee Samplers

A Great Way to Expand Your Coffee Appreciation and Enjoyment

Specialty-grade coffee grows at higher altitudes in a belt spanning roughly 30° North and South of the Equator. Specific varietals and processing methods give us the four major tasting profiles of coffee:

– Latin American  This is the profile that Americans think is what coffee tastes like: nutty, sweet, uncomplicated, with a little chocolate, toffee and a dash of fruit here and there. Lighter to medium roasts emphasize the nuts, toffee and fruity aspects; darker roasts become epic chocolate bombs. 

-East African  Coffees from East Africa generally divide into Ethiopian fruit bombs, Kenyan spritely raisin, citrus and spice powerhouses and sweet/spicy Great Lakes coffees (Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania mostly.) Roast level generally keeps the underlying taste profile while either emphasizing fruit and acidity on the lighter end or muting it on the darker end. They are all elegant, flavorful, and often, unexpected gems of coffees.

-Indo-Asian  This coffee taste profile includes Indonesian and Indian coffees primarily, known for earthy, herbal/savory, low-acid, dark chocolate flavors in a coffee with heavy body and a long, smooth finish. Usually, these coffees are roasted dark to emphasize deep Oreo cookie flavors, but more medium roasts can provide a very fruity, earthy, rustic and complex coffee as well.

-Island  Island coffee is a group profile term to refer to mild, gentle coffees from islands of the world, eg, Hawaii, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and others less well known. They are often softer in every way due to being grown at lower altitudes in a marine climate.

For more information on coffee tasting profiles and origins, please click here. For advice on brewing and other coffee information, start here.

How to Sample All the Cool Profiles of Coffee

NanoRoast Samplers are smaller packages (8 oz each) of our current offerings that are bundled together so you can try several before investing in a larger quantity, or just because it’s fun to try something new every day or so. Please note that you can choose the standard sampler, in which the choices of coffee selections is mine, OR you can choose a custom sampler, in which you choose the specific components.

How this works:

Standard Samplers

Choose from the options below:

Tour of Coffee Sampler  This sampler consists of 4 @ 8 oz packages (2 lbs total) of coffees from each major coffee-producing region of the world–Latin America, Indo-Asia, Africa and Islands. Roast level will vary according to the particular coffee included, but you can state a general preference for lighter, medium or darker roasts. We want you to be happy, so your roast preference will guide the specific selections chosen. In any case, we will endeavor to amaze you with the best of each region. It comes nicely packaged in a box suitable for gifting and includes your Tour of Coffee Map.  Free shipping included.

Roast Level Preference

Darker Roast Lover’s Sampler This sampler has 4 @ 8 oz coffees that will delight a dark roast drinker. While dark roasts tend to emphasize the roast over inherent bean or processing characteristics, we can roast darker while still maintaining variety. These will all come to you roasted dark enough to emphasize the roasty flavors, but they will not look particularly oily (this is a good thing) or be overly bittering on the palate unless you say you want it that way. Free Shipping is included.

Darker Roast Sampler   4 @ 8 oz = 32 oz total    $39.50   

Lighter Roast Lovers‘ Sampler This pack has 4 @ 8 oz of coffees that shine at lighter roast points. Usually, we try to include a variety of origins to showcase the distinctive flavors of different varietals and processing methods. These are roasted dark enough not to be sour or grassy but light enough to show off the best of the bean. Free Shipping is included.

Light-Medium Roast Sampler   4 @ 8 oz =  32 oz total   $39.50   

Custom Samplers (Your choice)

These can include anything listed on the website, and you can mix Single Origin, Low Caf or Decaf if you like. Generally, these are 4 @ 8 oz packages, but since it’s custom, you tell me how much you want of each. Please email me the specific coffees, amounts and roast levels you want ([email protected]). I’ll confirm availability and cost. If you approve, I’ll invoice you via PayPal. You can pay with PayPal balances, credit card, first-born children, etc. This is a great way to sample several coffees without committing to a full purchase of any one thing. Also, multiple coffees = free shipping.

Susan’s Stash Sampler (2 pack, 1.5 lb total) This sampler is the one where I (graciously) share two 12-oz packages of really top-quality coffees I save for my own enjoyment, e.g., the really good and pricey stuff. All are rated over 90 points by the SCAA rating standards, and all have come from award-winning farms. They are more expensive, but I think they are worth it! Obviously, I can’t know ahead of time which will be worthy of this group. If you want to try some from my stash, email me with your desired origins ([email protected]) and I’ll send you a proposal with cost.

enjoy your coffee!