While I Was Sleeping Through Covid

What a strange couple of years it has been! I want to thank all my wonderful customers who have apparently been drinking even more coffee and (I hope) enjoying it even while the world seemed pretty messed up and scary. Thank you.

So, while we were away, the world changed, especially logistics. We are seeing ridiculous inflationary pressures from disruption of supply chain, labor shortages in harvesting, price-gouging for space on a container ship and all sorts of artificial (human-caused) shocks to the coffee system around the world. In addition to that, climate change and/or regular old bad weather has reduced actual and projected harvests of specialty coffee in just about every region. All this has happened while we started drinking more of the good stuff. Competition for the highest-grade coffee beans is the fiercest I’ve seen it in my 15 years doing this. As a result, prices are rising.

I wish I could say that all the premium price is going to the farmers who grow the coffee we love, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Many are under terrible pressure, and more have abandoned growing coffee in favor of other crops more tolerant of wild weather and with better profit potential. Result: Even less top-quality coffee on the market. Put frowny face here.

So all this leads to me having to raise prices to adjust to current economic reality. Bummer. I promise I will try to keep these to a minimum without sacrificing quality. Thank you for your patience.