How does a wine lover taste coffee?

What Can a Coffee Taster Learn From Wine Tasting?

For some time, I’ve been trying to figure out how to help others refine their coffee tasting ability in order to choose and enjoy their brew more fully. I even created a page outlining a process one can use to taste coffee more mindfully and enjoy it more fully.

Fortunately, there are parallels in other tasting domains, such as wine tasting. (Ok, I’m a wino, too.) I love the wine lovers’ website and blog at and Madeline’s guide to tasting wine. I am sharing her awesome article on the wine tasting process because it works nicely for coffee, too. Of course, coffee is more complex, but the steps to enjoying coffee more are the same. Make sense? Try it and see if you aren’t a better coffee taster, too. And thanks, Madeline!

Enjoy your coffee!