Change is Good

So we moved. North. While it allows my husband and I to be closer to family, there is something of a challenge in re-orienting myself to being in a new place. It isn’t all the things I knew I would need to change (like, for example, the USPS location) but also the many little things that I didn’t. One of those is finding the most advantageous way for my long-time customers to buy their coffee.

I’m used to roasting and sending one or two pounds per customer at a time, and with shipping included in my pricing, it’s all pretty simple. Now that postage—even bulk—has increased so much, I find:

— Some customers from my former local area who used to buy directly want larger quantities at a time, and

— I’m still trying to develop a pricing scheme that works for both of us.

In view of these customer-driven changes, I’ll be working on a new plan. Stay tuned; contact me by email with any questions/requests; and enjoy your coffee!