Custom Blends Just For You

Custom Blend Coffee Offerings

by NanoRoast

  • Confused and confounded by lists of origins?
  • New to high-end coffee and don’t know where to start?
  • Want someone to pamper you by creating a blend just for you?

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We are here to help. If you would be interested in a custom roast/custom blend made just for you, read on…

How NanoRoast Can Help You Find Your Coffee Blend Nirvana

(and we’ll even name it after you)

There are three paths to Coffee Blend Nirvana:

  1. You can keep trying different single origins (really kind of fun) until you find something you really like, then build on it.
  2. You can take our Coffee Preference Profile© (pdf file at the bottom of this page) and request a custom blend that meets your specifications. Please complete a separate Profile sheet for each custom blend you think you might want. We’ll keep it on file, and you can tweak it as you refine your tastes. 
  3. You can contact us for a personal consult at no charge. I can talk you through the process in about 10 minutes and understand your desires more deeply. Who knows? It could be fun, too.

Custom Blend FAQs:

What does it cost to have a custom blend just for me?

Custom blends generally cost about the same (ok, about a dollar or so higher or lower) as the single origins, but because we are making a recipe just for you, we will quote you once we have your specifications.

Do you really name it for me?

Yes. Further, I will keep your unique recipe in my database so that you can either order it again or use it as a basis for a desired tweak. For example, you tried “X’s personal espresso blend”, but this time you want it to have more bittersweet chocolate and less complexity. I would tweak the recipe and record it, too, for future reference as “X’s personal espresso blend #2”. We really do treat you like our only customer.

What if I want more than one custom blend?

That’s fine. We all want variety in our lives, so if you want, say, a fruity light roast and a dark, dark “noir” Indo profile blend, just fill out two forms, one for each. Submit scans or photos of your forms on our Contact Us page or email to [email protected].

Will my personal blend taste exactly the same every time? 

Probably not exactly. Coffee is an agricultural commodity whose characteristics vary a bit depending on a lot of factors, including weather, handling, etc. that happen far upstream from NanoRoast. However, I will attempt to be as faithful to the taste profile you said you wanted as possible, even if that means using a different origin bean. I don’t expect the final product to vary a great deal from time to time, but if you are disappointed, please contact me and I’ll work with you within the NanoRoast Purchase Happiness Policy (please read it).

Do customers really do this, and are they happy?

Yes. Who else pampers them the way we do? Here’s a few actual comments we have received about custom  blends:

–From TN: “Thank you for working with us until we got the perfect blend. It took a few tries, but now I can’t stand [our former go-to coffee]…” 

–From NetworkDude: “Finally! Decaf.Worth.Drinking. Very happy indeed.”

From Mr. PickyPants: ” I thought I was going to have to roast my own to get it the way I like, but wow, Susan kept at it until it was perfect for me! I’m hooked!

From ZMH: “Thank you for the surprise sample. You always recommend coffees I’m going to love.”

–From CC:  “I love that I have my own blend that I love! You know what I like now, and it’s cool that you can suggest new coffee that you know I will like.”

From Bob:Coffee was roasted perfect. Their customer service is really A+, too!”

–From JN: “I haven’t found another microroaster who is willing to roast a light roast, much less custom blend for the same price as [the big name chain]. The quality is always very good, too.”

What else do I need to know?

Important How to Buy from NanoRoast Information is here. Please read it.

Let’s get started!

NanoRoast Coffee Preference Profile©

Download and fill in the preference form below, then scan/photo and upload via the Contact Us page or email to [email protected]. All information collected will be kept confidential and used only to help you find your favorite custom blend. Remember, we need one for each custom blend you want to register.  Enjoy!

(pdf version)  NanoRoast Coffee Preference Profile

(MS Word version)  NanoRoast Coffee Preference Profile

Here is an example of a helpful completed Coffee Preference Profile Coffee Pref example