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Exciting News in Which I Update My Dated Website

Flash: Nano Finally Updates Website!!

I am not a luddite in any sense, but taking the plunge to redesign and update my rather dated website is not something that I consider a good time. However, that project is now about to go live. As Bob Dylan said, “There’s a Slow Train comin'”….

The plan is to take down the site temporarily next Friday, October 19, install the new stuff and test it and have it magically back up and operational by Sunday, October 21. Unlike most IT department implementations, I don’t work at zero-dark-thirty on stuff like this because I like to be awake.  What could possibly go wrong???

I’m confident that the new site will be easier on the eyes no matter what device you are using, if not easier to navigate. We will still keep all the opinions, information and reviews. All that said, if I mess this up too badly and/or you want to order while the site is down, please email me at [email protected]. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Many of my customers have discovered the Easy-Peasiness of just emailing me to discuss recommendations, place orders and chat about coffee. You are invited to do the same if you like.

So, wish me luck, and enjoy your coffee!


UPDATE:  I think it’s done (fingers crossed), but if you see anything that doesn’t work, please email me. Many thanks!