What’s New in 2021

Happy Holidays, Coffee Lovers!

You all know by now that I really despise the webmaster part of my job description — I’d really rather make lovely coffee art for you to enjoy — but that’s life. To make more room for blend experimentation and tasting lots of new offerings, I’m going to be migrating my website to another web host and shuffling my offerings a little differently. Stay tuned!

One thing I have not enjoyed is that, though my SSL certificate is and remains in place, the majority of browsers insist on unhelpfully telling my customers that their shopping is “not secure.” Arrrrgh! This is due to an old version of the programming language they use on the server, blah, blah, blah. I can’t get them to upgrade, so I’m moving. I sincerely hope that you don’t notice when it happens, but in case Murphy’s law is in force when I do, you can always order via email (nano.roast@gmail.com), text, or phone. The price sheet will be updated this week, so hang onto it just in case.

One good thing you will notice is that I’m going to group my full-caf offerings into Lighter Roasts, Medium and Darker Roasts and maybe even a special section of Reserves that are special interest due to superior rating, nonstandard but cool processing or an unusual coffee varietal. Your feedback is always welcome.

Till then, Enjoy Your Coffee!