Review: Bali Blue Moon Organic FTO Coffee UPDATE

Review: Bali Blue Moon Organic

Update April 2020: The 2020 crop is here, and we went with the natural process version over the wet hulled lot. The result is a fruitier flavor profile in the less-dark roast batch. The orange/citrus notes in the lighter roast have been replaced by a brandied peach note and some herbal notes, a little bit fermenty, too. (Is that a word?) I just had some roasted at a solid Medium Roast this morning–I had forgotten just how interesting and tasty the Bali profile is when not roasted super dark! Of course, the dark-dark crowd-pleaser roast level is less fruity and way more dark chocolate, with heavy body, low acid and just a touch of fruit. The aroma of all these is divine indeed!

Original review: 

The island of Bali is located to the east of Java in Indonesia. It’s located on the map below:

Indonesia Java Bali

Tasting Notes

We roasted this bean in two batches: Medium-Dark (FC+), and Dark (French-Vienna). After resting the roasted beans for 48 hours, we cupped them with the following impressions.

Dark Dark Roast – The Dark-Dark roast of the Bali is the most crowd-pleasing roast level, with an intense aroma and flavor. Bali is everything you want in a deeply dark Sumatra, only better. The dark-dark roast level makes wonderful espresso or french press brews with dark bitter chocolate and lesser hints of orange peel, cedar and wood smoke. It is very low acid, with substantial body, a complex taste profile that is like a good Sumatra but slightly cleaner and less herbal. Bali Dark-Dark should be enjoyable by anyone who likes dark roast, approachable coffee.

Medium Dark Roast – Roasting a little lighter, to a Full City to Full City+, notes of orange peel and cedar smoke arise with a chocolaty finish. It’s low acid and smooth, with a heavy, supple body. The flavors are a bit more complex in the lighter roast over the darker roast, there is a savory sweetness to it. The cup has a bit more snap to it as well as a hint of something exotic and a bit wild (perhaps like a holiday in Bali?) The beans themselves look a bit mottled as is common in Indonesians not roasted super dark.  Bottom line:

There is a good reason that the Bali is a major favorite of the NanoRoast community. It’s intense aroma, low acidity and smooth heavy body make it such a pleasing package no matter how you brew it, and it stands up to all the amendments you might want to add without getting lost.

Enjoy your coffee!


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