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NanoRoast is about finding custom-fit coffee that you like, no matter what seems to be trendy at the local coffee bar or what anyone else likes. Our goal translates into two steps:

1) Provide a broad selection of the finest affordable coffees available, and

2) Help you find those that delight you.

Wanna Review a NanoRoast Coffee?

Since it always helps to have more points of view and input, we invite those who have tried various NanoRoast coffees to submit their reviews and comments. Here are the rules for doing that:

1. You have to have actually tried the NanoRoast coffee you review. 

2. A submission must be civil, respectful, clean and helpful to other readers, otherwise it won’t be posted.

3. Be as specific and helpful as possible to those seeking coffee that fits them. Our Coffee Tasting page has some suggestions for aspects you may wish to comment on, or you can choose your own. Either way is fine.

4. Be sure to mention the coffee’s name, origin and date you tested it.

5. Give it a rating from 1.0 (best I’ve ever had) to 5.0 (poor/defective). Just be honest and not overly judgmental about things that relate only to your personal preference. Focus on the coffee, please.

6. Email your review to I’ll review and if it passes muster, I’ll post it.

Thank you so much for your contributions!

Enjoy your coffee!


13 thoughts on “NanoCommunity Coffee Reviews

  1. Nano Post author

    From ZM from our FaceBook page:
    Just tried the “Heart of Africa Blend” in a lighter roast from Yummm. Not a hint of bitterness, very smooth and delish. And their customer service is A+.

  2. Nano Post author

    From Aaron by email:
    Thank you for the coffee sample, and for the excellent Yirgacheffe light roast. The berry notes are really noticeable and it makes for a delightful cup.

  3. Nano Post author

    From Cindysgirl by email:
    My mom had some of your Guatemala Medium Roast. I tried it and it was the best coffee I’ve ever tasted! I took the rest home. Does that make me a bad person?

  4. Nano Post author

    From AP, who ordered a light roast Ethiopian…

    “The coffee arrived yesterday, and based on the two cups I’ve had, it’s even better than I expected. Thank you so much for your help and for the coffee.

    Best regards”

  5. Nano Post author

    FYI to readers: Cindy is referencing a custom blend I made for her (African and Indo primarily) based on her description of what she likes best. You can also have a custom blend. Check our our page under Current Coffee Offerings.

    Cindy, Thank you so much for your comments! It always makes me happy to make you happy with coffee made just for you. The little bit of citrus zip with the dark roast low tones is really quite nice, right?

  6. Cindy

    Custom Blend #2 – April 1st, 2014
    This isn’t April fools joke my cup of coffee prepared in the french press was exactly what I needed for the afternoon pick me up. The aroma is sweet and the taste is smooth, with a bit of citrus and a nutty finish. Good to the very last drop! Another successful blend of richness! Thanks for the delicious java.

  7. coffeesnob

    Thanks John! I’m so glad you liked it!! FYI, I call this my “Indo Blendo” recipe for future custom-blending reference. I think the Bali Organic is really wonderful–earthy AND sweet, even at dark roasts. It seems to complement the Sumatra well.
    Keep building that CEQ!

  8. John

    Bali, Sumatra & Zambia blend called out to me on the morning of March 9, 2014. Wanting to increase my Coffee Enjoyment Quotient, I grabbed the grinder and was hooked just from the aroma that rose from the bag once I opened it. I knew this was going to be good.

    The beans now ground and my senses heightened, I could no wait to try my first cup. I can say the coffee was delicious, so smooth, so sweet, it was a morning treat. The roasting process used somehow prevents the bitterness that is found in so many coffees.

    To say I was pleased is an understatement, I definitely rate this blend a 1!!!. I think it is time for a second cup!

  9. Cindy

    I enjoyed the Bali, Sumatra & Zambia blend prepared in a french press on 3-9-14. Good coffee for me starts with the aroma this blend is enticing, subtle, and a little nutty. The taste is smooth and feels velvety on my tongue. The sweetness of the blend lingers and has a lasting rich bold finish. I would rate this blend a “1” for the complexity, its weight without heaviness, and an acidity that resonates deep inside the heart of the coffee. Tasty to the bottom of the cup!!!

  10. coffeesnob

    From Gaila, a regular customer:

    “We LOVE the India Mysore!!” That is so smooth and dark and yummy in a french press. It’s my new favorite. Seriously, Best. Coffee. Ever.

  11. coffeesnob

    From Steve, a regular taster. He tried the Central American Decaf Blend.

    Steve: “I think decaf is a crime against nature. Yeah, it didn’t really move me like the Bali [Blue Moon Organic].”

    NanoRoast: “What do you think was the problem?”

    Steve: “I don’t know, it just wasn’t as intense and well, it didn’t energize me in the morning like I hoped for. It tasted fine, but there was something missing.”

    NanoRoast: “Steve, it was decaf.”

    Steve: “Oh…you sure? Didn’t taste like decaf.”

    NanoRoast: “Thanks. Maybe you need a full-caf in the morning.”

    Steve: “Yeah, that’s right! Got some Bali or that Sumatra [Lake Toba Batak] I liked to taste?”

  12. coffeesnob

    Thank you for giving your feedback on the Panama Boquete, Erika! I am wondering what you think would have made it rate a 1 of 5? Any suggestions? Darker roast? Different origin that is more intense? Keep trying new things–delight awaits you!

  13. Erika Poindexter

    We ordered Panama Boquete with the medium roast level. The flavor in a brewed cup was delicate, light, and had a ‘tea’ like finish. We gave it a 2 rating and would order this variety again. Thank you!

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