NanoRoast and COVD-19

So, what is NanoRoast doing to ensure your safety and health (besides sending you delicious custom-roasted coffee) in these virally-challenged times?

You have no doubt heard from every business you are in contact with, and this is laudable, but what we are doing is simply taking the CDC’s advice and using the common sense practices we use anyway when handling anything for human consumption. I am well stocked with bleach and alcohol, and I know how to use them on surfaces. I use soap and water at least twice when roasting and the same when packaging every batch. I don’t roast when I am sick, And I am STAYING AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE.

Customers should be aware that we are well-stocked at this point and unlikely to run out of your favorite origin or blend. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy as well. Thank you for continuing to support a very tiny business. I deeply appreciate you. Hang in there—We will pull through this. Until then, check out our Current Offerings, and

Enjoy your coffee!