Keepin’ It Fresh

We are always looking for new ways to maintain the high quality of NanoRoast coffees while they are being shipped to you and until you enjoy the last of the order. If you hoard your stash (and I’m certainly not judging), it might last longer than if it is viewed as fair game for the folks you live with. However, maybe the easiest and best solution is to request smaller packages.

NanoRoast offers a 12 oz package with a one-way valve that will allow the CO2 gas to escape (good) but not let air in (bad.) But once you open the package, you need another strategy. Recently, we have been taking requests from some of our long-time customers to break down that 16 oz package into smaller packages. Because we are all about customizing to what you want, we will totally do this. If this idea appeals to you, here’s how you go about getting smaller NanoRoast packages:

1) Email and request whatever coffee selection(s) and custom size packaging you want.

2) I will respond with the additional cost, usually $1-3 dollars, depending on complexity.

3) You email me your approval of the order.

4) I’ll send you a PayPal invoice that you pay (don’t need a PayPal account) and get your order going.

Who else will do this for you?

Enjoy your coffee!