Trials of A Coffee Artist

Yeah, COVD. And wildfires. And shipping and logistics issues for getting your top-quality coffee beans from the farm to me. Arrgh. This has been a hard year for everyone.

I wanted to share a little peek behind the curtain as to how 2020 affected NanoRoast, and more importantly, your coffee availability. Basically, everything is taking twice as long to get to me from around the world, and when it gets here, some of it doesn’t quite measure up due to the extra time sitting in port. Good news is that I still have some great beans to roast for you, and though I had to metaphorically kiss more frogs to find a prince this year, we have still found some really great coffee. The bad news is all the links in the chain have raised prices on the good stuff. It’s not really a surprise given the kink in the supply chain, but it’s caused me to rethink pricing structure and how to keep you in good coffee while still being able to pay the mortgage. You’re welcome.

The bottom line is that I’m discontinuing the smaller 12 oz orders to focus on 16 oz, 24 oz and 32 oz options where the economics are more cost-effective for us both. When you factor in our move to FREE SHIPPING on orders, it’s less hard to swallow, pardon the pun. I’m also putting a few offerings on sale every month to encourage you to try something new. Finally, I will continue to make sure every bag of NanoRoast has at least the stated amount or more, and I will continue to do random upgrades and random samples of things I think you might like to try.

After a difficult year for all of us, my appreciation for all my wonderful customers who continue to support us overflows. I wish you all effective vaccines and a happy end to the pandemic.

Thank you so much. Enjoy your coffee!