Fudge the Decaf!

Just How Decaf Does Your Coffee Need to Be?

Many NanoRoast customers already know we offer reduced-caf blends, which till now have been roughly half-cafs. Going forward, I’m going to give you the option of telling me HOW MUCH caffeine you want in your lower-caf blend. Duh! I should have done this a long time ago, and here’s why:

The Reasoning¬† Suppose you are sensitive to caffeine and need an alternative, but you still want your coffee to taste really intensely good. Decaf tends to taste a bit washed out due to the processing it receives, so decaf drinkers often don’t get the same experience that full-caf drinkers do with their coffee. It makes me sad. However, it stands to reason that your caffeine sensitivity is not the same as other people’s sensitivity level, and since we are customizing everything else, why not allow you to customize the level of decaf¬† in that blend?? We are starting with 25% increments, but if you just really want 30% level of one component, email me or send me a note with your order.

Suggestion¬† This leads me to a suggestion in favor of more flavor: Unless your doctor has said absolutely NO caffeine*, you might try a very low-caf blend. One customer has me blend his 90% decaf/10% regular and swears it makes both his doc and his taste buds happy. I don’t know the exact answer for you, but we are dedicated to helping all our customers achieve coffee nirvana, whatever that looks like.

Enjoy your coffee!


*I’m gonna trust you on this.