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Welcome to NanoRoast

NanoRoast Artisan MicroRoast Coffee is Coffee that Fits You


NanoRoast welcomes you to our store on the web! We aim to be the ultimate personal coffee shopper, bringing you some of the best coffee on the planet — the top 3% available — then we roast it to your preference.  On this site, you will also find the selection and brewing information you need to enjoy it to the fullest.

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7 Reasons You Should Try NanoRoast

  1. Top Quality: We only source specialty grade coffee here (comprises only the top 3% or so — of all coffee grown).  We think life is too short to drink bad coffee, so we won’t offer coffee that leaves you feeling “meh”
  2. Price: We know you realize that higher quality and small custom batches adds to our cost. You can buy cheaper coffee, but we won’t rest until you feel that you’ve bought the best. We work hard to keep it  affordable, too.
  3. Roast Level Preference: NanoRoast is willing to roast your coffee the way you like it. We give suggestions on what is the “sweet spot” for each bean, but it really is up to you whether you want individual bean characteristics or roasty elements emphasized. 
  4. The Pamper Factor: We pamper you by creating your own personal custom blend if you want it. Otherwise, we offer a wide range of high end single origin coffees and blends.
  5. Variety of Origins: We offer interesting coffees from off the beaten path (like India, China, or Malawi) as well as the more well-known origins when they are available and meet our quality standards.
  6. Low-Caf/Decaf Worth Drinking: We offer low-caf blends and decaf coffee that’s worth drinking. Just because you want the caffeine monkey off your back doesn’t mean you can’t have good stuff to drink.    
  7. Social and Environmental Conscience: It’s our passion to buy coffee that is fairly traded, environmentally friendly, and supports the people in the developing world who grow it. At least half of our profits go toward projects with those goals. The rest supports my personal volunteerism habit in Subsaharan Africa.



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NanoRoast Coffee Roaster’s Mission

The mission of the NanoRoast Coffee Roasters is to help connect people to really excellent, custom-fit coffee, to do good, and to have fun doing it.



Talk to us:  Your feedback is essential to making sure your coffee fits you. Email me with your comments, questions, requests or suggestions at


Welcome to NanoRoast!

Enjoy your coffee!

Susan, the Head Bean Wrangler

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