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 Welcome to NanoRoast, Your Source for Custom-Roasted Specialty Coffee!



NanoRoast is a tiny company devoted to connecting discerning coffee lovers with really fine coffee roasted the way they like it best. We will custom-roast your favorite single origin or create a special blend based on what YOU want your coffee to taste like, not what some hip barista thinks is good.

Here is why NanoRoast is special:

1. We use only “specialty grade” coffee, the highest grade of raw coffee beans based on extensive cupping in the field and in our lab. Specialty coffee comprises only about 3% of all the beans grown in the world. We are kind of picky about quality, so you get only the best.

2. We roast it to your liking. If you like lighter roast levels, you have come to the right place. We determine the range of roast levels where a particular coffee shines, then we offer you a choice to tell us which one you want. We live for your feedback, too, so if our idea of a “medium roast” is too light or dark, tell us and we will adjust on the next purchase.

3. We care about the ethics of our coffee, so we will buy coffees from sources that are eco-friendly, people-friendly and where the trade is fair, not just “fair trade.” In addition, all profits from NanoRoast sales go to support my (Susan’s) African volunteerism habit or to support innovative development projects among coffee farmers in the developing world.

4. Our Purchase Happiness Policy ensures that our customers are treated like we would like to be treated, especially if there is ever a problem with an order. We spell this out on our Customer Service page.

5. We have no gimmicky rewards or coupons, just our Occasional Random Upgrade Program, where customers can be (pleasantly) surprised from time to time by receiving more than they ordered, a complimentary sample of something we think you might like to try, or in some cases, a random discount. You won’t know when you might receive a Random Upgrade. That’s part of the fun.

Ready to see what’s available in the roastery right now?  Click here.

Enjoy your coffee!


Head Bean Wrangler